My Life In Front of the Lens!

I get asked a lot about my personal life. My husband, my son and what our life looks like! I post a little here and there but to be honest I keep them pretty close to the cuff. They are my safe space, my calm to the storm. They are my home! 

I’m going to be vulnerable for a little bit and give you a little glimpse at us!

western family photographer


First off if you don’t know this is me, Whitney! My husband Philip, and our son Benton. We love our life on a farm in southern Missouri. We run a few cattle, some horses and more goats than I would like! We also have 4 dogs and a cat! 


Whitney Shea Photography


My boys rope, it is what they do. Benton has a rope in his hand 90% of the time. If he isn’t roping an animal or a dummy he is roping my feet or the dogs.  

Philip is a farrier, which means he shoes horses for a living.

Missouri Horseshoeing

He has taught Benton everything about this lifestyle and I love that so much about this man. Philip is a pretty calm and patient man! I mean he has to be to marry me right?! Since we are both self employed we don’t have a lot of down time but when we do it’s spent taking care of animals, fixing fence (it’s a never ending job) and just being together. I don’t rope but I have the most handsome little bay horse who absolutely loves me! He has a huge personality for a horse and he and Philip do not see eye to eye, he would sell him in a heart beat but also knows he might have to go with him! (Kind of kidding) Johnny Ringo (that cute bay horse) is so photogenic that it’s kind of a joke around here, and he is always referred to as “that cute little bay horse of yours” in the most condescending tone! Philip also heals off of him so it is safe to say it’s a love hate relationship! 

We have mostly horned cattle so that the boys can rope the calves each year, but Philip bought me this big Brahma bull as a calf so now we are crossing a few heifers! Also another one of my wild ideas he is just shaking his head and going with! But they are so cute!!! 

Okay to wrap this up we are a Cowboy family, and I would not have it any other way! I complain about the goats, I hate feeding during cold weather, and I don’t ride near as much as I should. However, I would not want my life any way with any other people! 


PC: Whitney Shea Photography, Justine Ousley, and Amber Walder

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