Are you a fellow photographer?

Maybe just starting out, or just wanting to extend your education.

In my mentorships I am an open book. From editing and presets, to posing, wrapping, styling and even social media and back end of the business. In mentoring with me I go in depth, I teach you the knowledge I have learned from years of experience and education. Whether we go in depth and focus on a few of these things or touch base on the all I want to teach you.


In person or in video chat, you will have my uninterrupted attention and my knowledge at your mercy.

I preach community over competition and I want you to grow your business, I want you to be comfortable behind your camera and with your clients. I want to cheer you on along your way and I want to be in your corner to lean on as you grow.

I don’t just stop teaching you when we leave or when we end the call I want to give you the tools to succeed.