My work is dark, moody, and full of rich emotion…

My style is unposed. We will play, we will love, we will move. Let’s laugh like really laugh. Let’s find your real love, the raw unfiltered passion. Let’s take this adventure together.

I want to not just document the moment in time but I want to document the feeling you have in that moment. The why behind the laugh or the tear, the smell of her hair or the fresh scent of the newborn baby. I want to document the whole memory that you can feel and not just see.

Take care of all your memories. Don’t get too busy to stop and take them in. Breath deep remember the smells, laugh hard and remember the moment. Capture them for you cannot relive them.

Now let’s chat!
(because you know that is one of my favorite things to do)

Hermann MO Family & Elopement Photography

Family Photographer, mother holding baby while toddler is on her back
Family Photographer, bride and groom walking through an open field
Family Photographer, son rest his head on dad's bare chest

I found Whitney when searching for someone to do my wedding pictures and am so glad I did! Not only does she take amazing pictures, but she makes it fun.
Alissa V.

Family Photographer, you could playing with toddler
Family Photographer, bride looking over her shoulder past the groom
Family Photographer, couple walking hand in hand alongside a creek

Whitney is a dream to work with. She is fun, creative, and professional. Her unique eye captures beautiful and fresh images that exemplify the emotion of the moment.
Jonna H.

Family Photographer, large family sitting together on red rock ledge


Hermann MO Family & Elopement Photography

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She’s super awesome to work with and captures some amazing moments. Love her eye for pictures! Not your typical photographer! Love her!
Tracy P.