Coffey Family

I met this family when sweet little Noah couldn’t even set up on his own. That is one thing I love the most about my business. I don’t even like calling it a business I prefer dream I am chasing. I love watching families grow. I love watching babies become toddlers and grow into their own personality becoming their own.

Back to this family; they are very important to me. Being able to capture them each year has been nothing short of a blessing. They both moved here from out of town to work at our school, we did not know each other at all before their first shoot. I was still new and they took a chance on me. Now, every year when I have the opportunity to capture their pictures it means more to me than they could ever know.

Taylor is a miracle baby, and if you do not know her you are missing out. She has a smile that can light a room, and a hug that can make that same room stand still. She is full of love and giggles. I’ll be honest I love for a squeeze from Taylor, it fills my love cup to the top! She loves looking at pictures of her mama and daddy, and always wants to help me behind the camera!

Noah is two now and he is all boy. Basketball is life for this boy; which I am sure makes his daddy proud since he is a coach and all. He’s like any two-year-old boys he’s wild and ornery! He will hug his mama and giggle as he runs away!

Being able to have this family in the new studio and to capture their life just as it is, is such a blessing. To get my Taylor squeezes from that sweet miracle baby, to hold her and see how much she has grown and learned is a feeling I could never describe. Watching Noah run wild and listen to all that he has to say, and watch their mama and daddy still loving each other like crazy reminds me of exactly why I started chasing this dream.


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