Ashley and Jarod

The soon to be Williams’. These two met as blind dates to a wedding. That is something I love in these days of social media and dating apps I feel like two people meeting the old fashion way is a thing of the past.

These two are two of the prettiest people I have ever met. Ashley has the most contagious smile. Jarod can really make her giggle which includes two of the cutest dimples and nose scrunch. The way they look at each other has so much love in their gaze. Yes, they are so much fun and laugh at each other which is amazing but these two are full of passion. They can go from a full on belly laugh to bedroom eyes and just have to kiss one another!! As a photographer that is two of my favorite things with my couples! Real raw love and emotion!

These two are getting married this winter and I am absolutely thrilled to be their engagement and wedding photographer!


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