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A Stormy Missouri Sunset – McNeil Family Session

A Stormy Missouri Sunset

There comes a time in every season of life that we all wish we could freeze time, knowing we will never get that moment back. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s professionally, and most of the time it’s as a parent. Watching your little(s) change every step of the way. Whether it’s baby curls or a crooked teeth smile they are all moments we want to capture and get back at some point.
My little boy is 9 now and there are so many seasons that I wish I had captured. As a family photographer there is nothing I love more than just capturing that season. Unposed, sometimes dirty, raw, unfiltered moment. The memories that you will look back on and hear those little giggles and actually feel the way you were feeling in that exact moment. That’s when I know I’ve done my job correctly. When you can feel the season with every image. This session is exactly that.
As a Missouri Photographer rain is something I will always battle. Whether to reschedule or to chance it! Sometimes in chance you will get an amazing stormy Missouri sunset that will take your breath away. If you have ever experienced scattered storms in the Midwest you will know that it’s so unpredictable. During the session we could literally see rain out in the distance in six different places around us, but we never felt a single drop where we were standing. Lacey and I talked about rescheduling this session and my heart is so happy that we did not!

McNeil Family Session

A Stormy Missouri Sunset family session

With all that being said meet the McNeil’s! If you are a local here in Missouri you might know them. If you do, you know that Lacey is the worlds most perfect boy mom! These boys never stop moving! They are usually covered in dirt from playing outside and have an animal or two running around beside them.
They are two beautiful little boys (I know boys are suppose to be handsome but these two are more than that). I had a vision in my head to capture these two boys and Lacey trusted me as their family photographer to do just that! She even had the cutest little striped shirts for them that I pulled off as soon as they arrived. There was no way I was going to cover up their perfect little tan skin!
This entire session was taken on a farm road in rural Missouri that runs right through their family farm. We let the boys be wild and free! Ripken immidialaty took over the show. He was wild and he got dirty, which is Rippy at his best! Maddox stood back a bit and helped his brother while being a little flirt with me, which is Jack Jack! I guess I should also mention that I have captured this family most of these boys’ life and they are also dear friends of mine!
Lacey and Tylor are such a casual couple. They work hard and love harder. I loved just slowing down for a second and letting them soak each other in… The boys of course wanted right in there to just love on their parents! Again, I was just capturing their season! What they do, not what I wanted them to do!
As a Midwest family photographer based here in Licking, Missouri, I don’t have mountains and I don’t have beaches. But what I do have are some really amazing clients. I get to capture seasons, I get to capture love, and I get to capture real. My goal is always to feel the image with raw unposed moments. If you look at these you can hear the giggles, and that’s how I know their season has been captured to the best of my professional ability.
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family walking down muddy dirt road A Stormy Missouri Sunset missouri family playing in mud mom holding son up in the air family session family walking down a dirt farm road family session during a Stormy Missouri Sunset missouri family farm session little boy smiling at camera A Stormy Missouri Sunset sweet family moments family walking during a Stormy Missouri Sunset A Stormy Missouri Sunset family session mom smiling with her little boy mom holding son dad smiling with his little boy dad holding son mom and boy running down dirt road A Stormy Missouri Sunset couple holding hands couple during A Stormy Missouri Sunset husband and wife holding each other husband holding his wife couple hugging close up of hands A Stormy Missouri Sunset couple walking down dirt road A Stormy Missouri Sunset
missouri family session with mom and two boys mom holding her two sons close up of mom picking up her two sons

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